keep garden plants watered while on holidays

Picture this: you’re about to go on a well-deserved holiday, but you are worried about your plants, who is going to water them? The good news is that, with a bit of planning and imagination, you can ensure your garden stays lush and hydrated even while you’re away. Let’s dive into some friendly tips on how to keep your garden plants watered and happy during your holiday.

Find a Green-Thumbed Helper

Just like asking a friend to water your houseplants, seek out a neighbour, friend, or family member to look after your garden. Give them a clear watering schedule, details about plant needs, and instructions on where to find watering tools. A kind-hearted helper can make all the difference in maintaining your garden’s health.


Mulch isn’t just for looks – it’s a water-saving superhero! Before your departure, lay down a thick layer of organic mulch around your plants. This acts as a natural insulator, keeping the soil cooler and moisture locked in. As a bonus, mulch also helps suppress weeds and enriches the soil as it breaks down.

Self-Watering Systems: Gardening on Autopilot

Investing in self-watering systems can be a game-changer for your garden’s hydration. From drip irrigation to self-watering planters, these devices provide a steady supply of water to your plants without daily intervention. Set up the system before you leave, and your garden will be well-nourished throughout your vacation.

Grouping Plants by Water Needs

Not all plants are equally thirsty, so why treat them the same? Before your holiday, group your plants based on their water requirements. Place the thirstier ones closer to your chosen water source and the less demanding ones further away. This strategic arrangement ensures that each plant gets the right amount of hydration without any guesswork.

Deep Watering: Quenching Thirst from the Roots

Give your plants a good soak before you leave. Deep watering encourages plant roots to grow deeper into the soil, making them more resilient to drought. This method also helps to prevent water from evaporating quickly on the surface. Plus, it’s like sending your plants off with a full water bottle before you go.

DIY Watering Solutions: Clever Hacks

Create a simple watering solution by repurposing plastic bottles. Fill them with water, poke a few small holes in the cap, and bury the bottle next to your plants. As the soil dries out, water will slowly seep through the holes, providing a consistent supply to the roots.

Shade and Wind Protection

As you prepare your garden for your absence, consider its location. If possible, move potted plants to a shadier spot to reduce water evaporation. Also, shield your garden from strong winds that can dry out the soil faster. A little bit of shelter can go a long way in preserving moisture.

Watering Globes: The Plant Babysitters

Watering globes, those lovely glass orbs that release water as the soil dries, can be your plant’s best friend while you’re away. Fill them up before you leave, stick them into the soil, and let them do the watering for you. They’re not only functional but also add a touch of whimsy to your garden.

Test Run Before You Go

A few days before your departure, test your chosen watering method to ensure it’s working smoothly. Adjust the water flow or schedule as needed. This trial run gives you peace of mind, knowing your garden is in capable hands, even if those hands belong to automated systems or well-intentioned helpers.

Happy Returns: Post-Holiday Garden Check

When you return from your vacation, give your garden some extra love. Inspect the plants for signs of stress or any areas that might need attention. Sometimes a good soak and some nurturing care can revive plants that have suffered a bit in your absence.

Leaving your garden behind for a holiday doesn’t mean you have to return to a dry and withered landscape. With a dash of preparation and a sprinkle of creativity, you can keep your garden thriving and happy while you’re away. So, pack your bags, lock the door, and set off on your adventure, knowing that your garden is in good hands – even if those hands are a little unconventional!

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How to keep garden plants watered while on holidays
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