how to grow onions from scraps

Onions are among the longest-cultivated plants in the world. They have been part of human history for a whopping 5000 years. Even the ancient Egyptians and Greeks appreciated the power of onions: rich in vitamins, easy to grow, and easy to store. They have really stood the test of time.

Their long history in many regions all over the world explains why there are so many different types of onions. They vary in size, colour, shape, spiciness, and country of origin. Even to this day, onions are the most widely cultivated vegetable worldwide. Nutritionally speaking, onions are very high in calcium and vitamin C, all while being low in calories with just 40 calories per 100 grams.

Steps to regrow your onions

  1. Find a good location
  2. Prepare your onions
  3. Plant the onions
  4. Harvest and use them

Find a good location for your onions

For a reasonably sized crop, use a large container 20 cm or more deep. Add specialized onion fertilizer to a mix of loam-based potting compost and grit for extra nutrients.

Damp, humid, overcrowded conditions can cause fungal diseases such as rust and onion downy mildew, although neither should be devastating. Avoid watering foliage and ensure good light and air around plants.

Prepare your onions

  • Remove the lower part of the onion the same way you would if you were preparing to cook it. Don’t cut too sparingly, however. The piece should be at least 3 cm tall. Also, pay attention to the dried roots at the bottom. They need to stay intact for a healthy plant to regrow.
  • The underside of the onion doesn’t need to be placed in water. Feel free to completely skip this step. Fresh roots will quickly grow in the same spot the dried roots are located.
  • The onion is an easygoing plant. Just place it in a container with slightly damp soil (the onion roots facing down) and cover it lightly with soil. Within a few weeks, the onions’ green sprouts will be coming up.
  • The onion itself won’t completely grow back. But you can use the onion sprouts as you would a scallion.

Plant your onions

Cultivated by the ancient Egyptians, onions rejoice in rich, open soil and moist conditions. All onions require rich well-drained soil. It is essential to keep the onions weed free.

Onions will bolt if they are not given enough water so mulch to conserve moisture and do not let the soil dry out. Feed plants regularly.

Plant from early to mid-spring.

Harvesting and use

The sprouts of the regrown onion that grow from the onion stalk can be harvested. Be careful when harvesting so that the onion can continue to grow. To harvest, simply cut off individual ‘stems’.

The onion sprouts can be eaten the same way as the onion itself: raw or cooked.

With your regrow onions, you can now prepare lots of delicious recipes. Nothing beats the flavour of homegrown food.

How to regrow onions from scraps
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