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Innovative gardening is about looking for new and better ways of gardening while reducing the impact on the environment.

In this article, we will talk about what innovative gardening means and some examples of it.

Innovative gardening meaning

Innovative gardening is about being creative and smart when gardening and making the best use of the resources already available. The idea is to be clever while planning and creating your beautiful garden and minimize environmental impact.

It will require some planning before getting started, you should be aware of space limitations, water restrictions, climate, and resources available.

What are examples of innovative gardening?

Some examples of innovative gardening for small spaces include:

  • Growing your plants in unusual plant pots such as in rain gutters
  • Creating a vertical garden
  • Planting dwarf varieties of fruit trees
  • Creating a structure such as a trellis, to help plants climb vertically if the land is limited

Some examples of innovative gardening to reduce waste include:

  • Using recycled materials as plant pots or containers, such as old boots, plastic bottles, old toys or teapots, old furniture, and discarded pallets.
  • Aquaponics: it is a way of growing plants without soil, by fostering a symbiotic relationship between aquatic animals and plants. The plants will feed on fish waste and, the fish will keep the water clean and full of healthy microbes.
  • Composting: it is making use of your food scraps and garden waste to create a rich and nutritious fertilizer for your plants. For more info about garden composting click here.

Other examples are:

  • Companion plants: by adding companion plants to your home garden, you will attract beneficial insects that will, in turn, protect your plants from pests. To read more about how to get rid of pests naturally, click here.

What materials are used in innovative gardening?

As we have mentioned, different materials can be used in innovative gardening, the idea is to reduce environmental impact by making use of the resources already available. So, for example, we could use recycled plastic bottles or rain gutters as plant containers, old sacks half filled with soil, and old furniture as garden structures, the possibilities are endless.

In conclusion, by being clever and creative you can start your own innovative garden and minimize waste and environmental impact while growing your home produce.

What is innovative gardening?
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